Message from the Vice President:

Allow me to begin with some words of thanks. Firstly to Kancho Matsushima for being here today and for his support in making this event possible. May I also express my appreciation to the IKO-European Organisation Committee and the IKO-Spai9n in particular on the running of this event and determination and I am sure that we will look back at this event as a great milestone in the European calendar.

The 2017 European Championships is an important event in the year and one that answers to the challenge in Kyokushin that face in Europe.  I am sure this event will embody the Kyokushin spirit. Through cultural understanding, participation and the voluntary tradition, this event will role model for tomorrow – not only for Kyokushin, but for society as a whole with so many countries coming together in peace, harmony and good will to each other.  Today that dream, came true “Congratulation to Spain."

Competitors, the Kyokushin Full Contact tournaments were created by our founder, Sosai Oyama whilst at the same time creating the largest karate organisation in the world, , since Sosai passed away the baton has been successfully picked up by Kancho Matsushima. “Competitors keep in mind that this event belong to you”

"Remember that they are about much more than performance alone. They are about the peaceful gathering of Kyokushin competitors, officials, coaches and the many people here today who have come to support and see an event that will long be remembered – I am sure that regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion or political system each and every competitor will compete in the spirit of the Kyokushin values, friendship and respect for each other. Remember that you are role models for the youth of the world in general and the Europe in particular and I am sure you will make us proud of your achievements and your conduct."

"As we bring the dream of the 2017 European Championships to life, our special thanks also go to the many gracious volunteers who work tirelessly in the background, without whom none of this would be possible." I also thank the many match officials who come from many countries and long distances to support the competitors in their quest to be the Champion!

John Taylor Hanshi
Vice President IKO-Matsushima
9th Dan

As President of I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA Kyokushinkaikan, I would like to congratulate Branch Chief Shihan Cesar Rufo organizing the 10th I.K.O. MATSUSHIMA European Kyokushin Karate Championships 2017 in Santa Susanna,Spain.
I am very confident that this championship will be great success. I say thank you so much to all persons including EKO Committee who paid efforts to make such an event becomes success.  And also many thanks to all Branch Chiefs ,officials , fighters and supporters who attend this championships from not only Europe but also other countries.

The 5th Weight Division World Cup 2018 will be held in Shanghai,China.
I hope many members will take part at this big event from all over the world.
Kyokushin Karate is Budo. I’m sure almost of them are seeking for being strongest not only physically but also spiritually.  “Be strict against ourselves and be gentle with others. Don’t choice easy way,Go your own way under your own will if you decide to go.”
I want to appeal that there is nothing but the Kyokushin sprit that can save today’s confused world. I’m very happy that we have good friendship all over the world through Kyokushin Karate.

All fighters will show how is full contact Karate Tournament and what is Kyokushin Spirit. Every fighter should do their best and never give up to the end of last.  To be fair is one of Kyokushin spirit.

President Yoshikazu Matsushima
I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA Kyokushinkaikan